Wednesday, September 4, 2013

David Bižić is Figaro in Switzerland

There's still time to catch a flight to Geneva to see David Bižić in Le nozze di Figaro.

David Bižić demonstrates his dance moves as 
Figaro in Le nozze di...

In rehearsal, David Bižić carries off the classic
vest, watch-chain, trainers, and jeans look.

Here's a previous Figaro from Nantes, France


  1. Fashion-wise, the look with the jeans instead of the full suit ain't bad (maybe minus the hiking shoes, though).

    1. The trend of putting baritones in jeans is one I would not discourage!

  2. Hee! The dancing is adorable, and based on this sample, I like his voice. Nozze is one of those operas I can never get enough of.

    1. I first saw him last winter in the ROH Boheme cinema-cast as Schaunard. He plays a sexy, sullen Masetto in the notorious Aix-en-Provence Don Giovanni staged by Tcherniakov, and has been seen both as Leporello and the Don in various European houses.

      Me too also regarding Nozze!


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