Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jonas Kaufmann and Anja Harteros Sing Verdi's Requiem at La Scala

This is the new recording of Verdi's Requiem from La Scala. 
We finally watched it last night with the subtitles on (the DVD player's default setting, apparently). I'm not used to following the text so closely during this work, but it was illuminating, particularly in this excerpt. JK is the first tenor I've seen who gives any sense of story line to this piece. The usual story presented is "I'm a tenor, and I am singing this Verdi piece; listen to how beautiful my voice is." In this performance I really get a sense of someone who is more than a little bit worried of what he is going to face on that "day of wrath." 

This aria is not my favorite bit from the Requiem (plus, I generally prefer my Ingemiscos in context), but it it sure is wonderful. And of course, JK and AH are outstanding!

Speaking of Anja Harteros:

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