Saturday, September 14, 2013

Weekend(s) Interrupted

Among the new goodies I did not watch or listen to because I was too busy doing Other Important Things last weekend*:

Tomorrow, I attend the matinee of Tristan und Isolde at Washington National Opera (more about that later...maybe), so these discs will continue to languish on the corner of my desk for another week, along with these:

At least I'm not at risk of running out of new stuff! As I type this, I am listening to Miah Persson sing Grieg from her September 2 recital. (The Grieg and Schubert songs are the same ones she performed at Wigmore Hall a year or so ago, and IMHO she is singing them even better this year!)

Oh, and I almost forgot, I downloaded this one:

Though I love La Bartoli, I'm really more interested in her guests on the recording, including Nuria Rial, Daniel Biehle, and Julian Prégardien! So much music, so little time! 

P.S. After listening to that Schöne Mullerin program again this morning, I decided to step away from the Schubert Lieder for a while. So I sat down, picked up the newspaper, and switched on Music Choice Light Classics (cable TV) only to hear Lizst's transcription of Auf dem Wasser zu Singen. After rolling my eyes, I listened, and found it to be quite lovely.

*Actually, I did watch about the first 20 minutes of Die Zauberflöte while I was supposed to be working on something else.


  1. I like that Kasarova lieder recording a lot - was listening to it just the other day in the car. Sometimes when I haven't heard her voice in a while I forget how unusual/odd/distinctive/interesting it is.

    1. unusual/odd, etc. true. I have only sampled a song or two but I am intrigued. I also listened to the Steffani. in between Schubert Lieder :)

  2. I watched Zauberflöte from Bregenz this summer online and thought it was one of the most creative productions I have seen in a while....

    1. I really liked what I saw so far. Now that I finally have a DVD player hooked up, I might carve out a few hours to watch the whole thing! It looks very fantastical.


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