Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miah Persson Evokes Tears...well, Mistiness

This is cheating a bit, since it's merely a slightly expanded version of a comment I posted over at The Earworm the other day, entitled Tears and Sarcasm:
I just finished listening to Du bist die ruh’ again; I’m not literally crying, but I am feeling Very Misty. Miah Persson has a way of stretching a phrase till it almost pulls apart, then hugging it back into shape with a warm sigh. (And Roger Vignoles is no slouch, either!) I think I’d better listen again. Twice!

Meanwhile, according to the announcer, the “theme” of the September 2 recital is “Love." I don’t know if the festival came up with that or it was Ms. Persson’s idea, but it’s a pretty broad (read: generic) theme for a Lieder recital. I mean, it covers most all of the 19th century German Lieder catalog, with the exception of maybe a handful of songs about fish, streams, and/or dead children. And most of the stream songs are really about love, too.
But, I digress. Now, back to stretching, hugging, and feeling misty:


  1. She is pretty amazing - "Du bist die Ruh" was hauntingly beautiful; the rest of the Schubert too.

    I'm not a huge fan of Schumann's Frauen Liebe und Leben (bit on the treacly side for me - I'd rather have Schubert's little fishies or Wolf being sarcastic) but when Persson sings them I'm won over, at least while the singing is happening.

    And you and I are apparently playing Tag Team Miah Persson Appreciation this week - I've got more (but not much) to say about a bit of the recital tomorrow.

    1. Dear Ms. Persson,

      We've noticed some unusual activity on your account this week...

    2. ..on account of she's AWEsome! I just listened to the recital Again! (and your post of un moto di gioia very very early this morning)


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