Thursday, April 25, 2013

2012 Lieder Recitals from Schwetzingen Still Available

So, I was over at Dorothea Röschmann – an appreciation, checking out a notice about the Berlin Philharmonic's November 2013 concert of Schumann’s scenes from Faust*. The rest of the vocal cast is compelling too, and includes Martina Janková, Werner Güra, Christian Gerhaher, and Luca Pisaroni. 

On that same page, there is a link to the (still active) archive recording of DR’s wonderful 2012 Schwetzingen SWR Festspiele Lieder recital. (Earwormopera published the sung texts) In fact, most all of the 2012 Schwetzingen programs are still available from Südwestrundfunk SW2. The site says the recordings are available for a year, which means they’ll be disappearing soon (to be replaced by the 2013 programs, no doubt.)

There are several enticing vocal recitals for your listening pleasure: 

  • Christian Gerhaher Winterreise
  • Vesselina Kasarova Liederabend mit Charles Spencer
  • Christoph Prégardien Liederabend mit Christoph Schnackertz
  • Dorothea Röschmann Liederabend mit Julius Drake

If your vocal interests extend to small choral ensembles, here are three more programs to consider:

  • SWR Vokalensemble: Transkriptionen für Chor a cappella (Mahler)
  • Hilliard Ensemble: Tenebrae  (Gesualdo)
  • Stile Antico: Vokalpolyphonie aus der Zeit der Tudors (Byrd, Tallis, u.a.)

And if your musical interests extend to instrumental music, there are quite a few solo and chamber programs. Links to all programs (in pop-out player windows) are provided at the SWR Schwetzingen Festspiele site. 

Recitalists for 2013 will include Krasimira Stoyanova, Christiane Karg, and Michael Nagy. A complete 2013 festival program is available as a .pdf download. 

*Schumann's Faust will be webcast by Digital Concert Hall on Monday December 16, 2013.

  • Berliner Philharmoniker
    Nikolaus Harnoncourt

    Dorothea Röschmann, Werner Güra, Christian Gerhaher, Luca Pisaroni
    • Robert Schumann
      Scenes from Goethe's Faust

      Dorothea Röschmann Soprano (Gretchen, Una Poenitentium), Martina Janková Soprano (Marthe, Care, Angel, Soprano solos), Werner Güra Tenor (Ariel, Pater Exstaticus, Tenor solos), Christian Gerhaher Baritone (Faust, Pater Seraphicus, Dr. Marianus), Luca Pisaroni Bass-Baritone (Mephistopheles), Franz-Josef Selig Bass-Baritone (Pater profundus, Bass solos), Wiebke Lehmkuhl Contralto (Guilt, Mater Gloriosa, Maria Aegyptiaca, Contralto solos), Rundfunkchor Berlin, Robin Gritton Chorus Master, Boys of the Staats- und Domchor Berlin, Kai-Uwe Jirka Chorus Master


  1. Yes!! Webcast!! (And here I was feeling sad that I wouldn't get to hear that Faust program.)

    1. Unfortunately, you're probably going to have to pay to see/hear it. The Berliners don't give much away. But it'll be worth it. I am due to write another post about DCH. I want to point out their operas in concert, which are much more interesting than one would think. (Including Salome with Emily Magee.)

      DCH is about 10 Euros for all you can watch in the archive in 7 days (plus one live concert) or 25 Euros for all you can watch in 30 days (+ 4 live concerts.) Of course the concerts are usually around 2 in the afternoon here, so I watch them as archives. In a moment of weakness I purchased a year-long pass.

    2. I don't mind paying for webcasts like that - the price doesn't seem too exorbitant. Have you found that the year-long pass is worth it?

    3. I think it is even if you only watch from the archive.It would be even more worth it if I were allowed to stream video/audio at work. They do have a mobile app through which you can temporarily download stuff for offline viewing.

      So, short answer: Yes.

    4. This will require further investigation. And probably disbursement of funds.

    5. Plus (it ocurred to me upon reflection) you do appreciate non-opera stuff, and you may REALLY like some of their late-night programs, in which they tend to feature chamber groups and odd repertoire. And no, I don't get a commission :)

  2. Hi Rob,

    I love these online classical/opera performance archives! Love the DCH, of course, and MediciTV, too, even though you have to buy concerts there (the performances are usually worth it). Another great archive is . This one is totally free (and you don't even have to register). :o) I found it looking for Viviane Hagner (there's a concert of her doing Vieuxtemps' 5th and the Beethoven violin romances with the Lahti Symphony)... but they've got opera & Lieder recitals, too... and they keep extending the clips' expiration dates, which is endlessly cool with me, of course. :o)

    1. Hi Smorg, thanks for this windfall! It looks great. Now I have even more excuse to sit in front of my computer!


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