Saturday, April 6, 2013

More about Vesselina in São Paulo (another Stream-of-Consciousness Post)

I pointed out a blog post about Vesselina Kasarova's concerts in São Paulo the other day. Well, Bela went back to hear the concert the second night! And over at SmorgZone, you now can find two arias from that program. Isn't the internet cool? 

While browsing VK's website, I found photos of her debut as Eboli (right) in Don Carlo last year in Zurich. The production is by Sven-Eric Bechtolf, and gee, don't those trees look familiar. (Do you remember what other opera we've seen them in?) I do admire the Zurich Opera's recycling program. I wonder if anyone has ever tracked their reuse of sets and set pieces (like the doors from the restaurant in Ariadne reused in Arabella.) But, I digress. 

Since I am already digressing, I'll mention that Thomas Hampson is back on the master class circuit. He is in residence this week at the Heidelberg Lied Akademie2013. Auf Deutsch, natürlich; aber als ein Amerikaner, ist sein Deutsch recht verständlich. (His German's pretty easy to understand.) Plus, in context, one can still get a lot out of the classes, even though maybe missing some finer points. The classes are streaming live, and at least one is already archived. 

TH accentuates the fricative in Heidelberg


  1. The internet is indeed very cool! (Man, I wish I could go and hear VK as Eboli. I bet that would be hair-raisingly awesome.)

    1. Agreed. I would LOVE to see/hear VK in that role. O don fatale indeed!

    2. What other production were the trees from?

    3. The one where Malin Hartelius keels over unexpectedly during the finale.


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