Saturday, April 20, 2013

Giulio Cesare: Audio Webcast Monday, Live in HD Next Weekend

I always forget to tune in to these webcasts. There are two more this season.

And of course, we can head to the cinema next Saturday to catch this:

I wonder who will be singing Cleopatterer...


  1. Yes! One of my favorite Handel operas, although I listened to the two other broadcasts of this production this past month and must say dislike the leading couple. It's quite funny because only yesterday I showed my piano teacher Sarah's video of this aria and then David's and there was no doubt as to whom did a better job. She didn't even realized that Sarah was actually a woman, she was quite shocked hahaha
    But I muost certainly will be watching the live in HD (my ony chances of feeling closer to the Met) but I'm still hopping for Danielle De Niese to play Cleopatra.
    Have a great weekend! :D

    1. We'll be watching together in separate theaters. It's interesting, that I usually prefer a countertenor on stage but a mezzo or contralto for audio. I've sometimes said my favorite countertenor is Sonia Prina ;-)

    2. I will be there as well in my theater - never miss live Händel. Interesting to see how this compares to Glyndebourne production. I usually prefer mezzos to contratenors, but let's see...

    3. I'm a bit worried. I caught bits of the webcast last night, and the singing, not optimal. (Natalie did sing the performance, though.)


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