Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sing Along with L'Opéra de Marseille

Are you completely over Messiah sing-alongs? Try a Libiamo sing-along!

On Saturday, January 12,  at La Place de L'Opéra de Marseille, more than 10,000 people participated in L’Operaclameur, singing Libiamo from La Traviata along with the opera chorus.

It sounds like they had fun, but it also proves that more is not necessarily better :-) 


  1. The last time I heard the Libiamo live it was being sung by two opera students at a new restaurant in Cuzco. They gave us free champagne too.

    1. I bet it sounded a LOT better than this. We used to go to an "opera night" at a little Italian restaurant in Old Town. Crap buffet food, and the piano was out of tune, but the singers were good. They wanted us to sing along with Libiamo. Of course, the average opera lover doesn't know the words. So we are all singing " Libiamo, libiamo, la la la la la laaaaaaaa..."


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