Thursday, April 11, 2013

Should I be Worried about My Boys Luca and Pavol?

Pavol Breslik and Luca Pisaroni are dipping into Verdi roles. What will happen to their wonderful agile voices for Mozart, Handel, Rossini, and the like?
Bayrische Staatsoper

I know they’re both young, and voices change as they mature. I suppose it’s inevitable they will take on heavier roles at some point. But ….well, I just worry about them. On the other hand, they've both made sensible career choices so far. So I should probably trust them to do what’s best. Besides, they’re hardly likely to take advice from me. 

Two nights only in Vienna
Pavol Breslik is singing Cassio in Otello and I guess that's OK. It's a fairly light, non-taxing role, and it's not a lengthy one either. On the other hand, Luca Pisaroni is singing in Simon Boccanegra (in concert). I’m not familiar with SB, and I’m hoping that the role of Paolo Albiani is a bass-baritone equivalent of Cassio.

Of course we love to see/hear our idols in new roles; and I’m not suggesting that our favorite singers not grow and expand their repertoires. I am sure they and their coaches know what they’re doing and are proceeding with care. It’s just that fanboys worry about these things.

Toi, toi, toi, guys!


  1. Not to worry, Paolo is substantial enough to make an impression but not enough to blow a voice. He might even make something of that role, which is perhaps the real challenge.

    1. Thanks, Stray, for setting my mind at ease. I'll sleep better tonight. And maybe I better pick up a recording of Nabucco and find out more about it!


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