Friday, April 5, 2013

Gratuitous Friday – Joseph Kaiser is Lenksy: Kuda, Kuda

I commented a while back on Canadian tenor Joseph Kaiser’s excellent performance in a musically wonderful, but dramatically strange (and to me, annoying) performance of Handel's Theodora. Just recently, it has come to my attention that he’ll be singing Tamino next season with the Washington National Opera (the other WNO).  Of course, I needed to find out more about him.

I came across this interview with Joseph Kaiser. It’s about a year old, but it covers topics that don’t really have a sell-by date. He talks about his beginnings in opera, working with Kenneth Branagh in the film of the Magic Flute (photo above), and singing with other big name opera stars (in Rodelinda with Renee Fleming, for example.) I also found out he lost 5o pounds to do the Magic Flute film. (How? We want details!!) He’s been around longer than I realized, and we really to get to know him better. I'll be right back. I'm just going to do a bit more web-searching. 

Meanwhile, here's a clip of Mr. Kaiser singing Lensky’s famous aria from Eugene Onegin (complete with dueling scar) from a 2007 Salzburger Festspiele performance.

Tchaikovsky – Eugene Onegin: Kuda, Kuda


  1. I saw him in Iphigenie. He was very good indeed! I'm pleased to hear that he's looking for more Toronto gigs (and I'm not afraid to use that word!)

    1. "gig" is a perfectly acceptable and very handy word :)


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