Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Accessible Thomas Hampson – Classical Music is a Right

If you don't already think Thomas Hampson is a cool guy, watch this video with Sarah Willis of the Berlin Philharmonic. This 38 minute interview covers a lot of ground as it flies by. He talks about digital media in performance, for entertainment and for education. 

Mr. Hampson talks also about YouTube and digital downloads, both authorized and not. Though not in these words, he suggests that YT can be the "entry drug" to classical music. Sarah asks him about his Twitter and Facebook presence, which he uses to share both professional and personal thoughts. Mr. Hampson sees himself as a "doorway" to the music, not wanting to reach the audience so much as to be accessible to the audience.

If you don't already think Thomas Hampson is an approachable, human, fun, talented, smart (and cool) guy, follow him on Twitter and/or Facebook, and visit his website. But first, watch this video! (It's also at the Berlin Philharmonic's Digital Concert Hall site—and it looks better there!)

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