Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Masetto in Madrid – Another Gratuitous David Bižić Post

BLG Artist Management posted this on their Facebook page today (roughly translated): 
Called to the rescue, David Bižić reprises the role of Masetto in D. Tcherniakov's staging of  Don Giovanni at the Teatro Real de Madrid ... Starting tomorrow, April 3 to April 24.
This would explain his new cover photo at Facebook:

It must be interesting to finish playing the Don and go right back to Masetto. It's not actually clear whom he is replacing, as he is already listed by Teatro Real in the role. 

But what's really important is this means... the controversial production from Aix-en-Provence has been revived in Madrid. Canadian baritone Russell Braun and American bass-baritone Kyle Ketelsen appear as Don Giovanni and Leporello respectively, and Christine Schäfer leads the women as Donna Anna.

Fingers crossed for a broadcast! 


  1. Seems like a reasonable bet we'll get Braun and Ketelsen when this eventually comes to Toronto. Bet we don't get Schafer or Erdmann though. Decent chance on Schade as Don O though I'd think.

    1. sounds like a good lineup to me. I wish this production would head to our National Capital. (the U.S. one, that is!)


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