Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another Good Reason to Attend Local Opera Performances

Wolf Trap Opera Company Director Kim Witman wrote in her blog that the April issue of Opera News:
...featured the five 2013 Opera News Award Winners, two of whom – Eric Owens and Dawn Upshaw – are Trappers. The profiles of artists featured in that month’s Met broadcasts included Wolf Trap alums Stephanie Blythe, Erin Morley, Richard Paul Fink, Mark Delavan and Simon O’Neill. 

And Barihunks noted recently: 
If you want to catch Brandon Cedel, he'll be appearing at the Wolf Trap Opera beginning on June 21st in Rossini's Il Viaggio a Reims. That production also includes barihunks Aaron Sorensen, Norman Garrett and Steven LaBrie. Additional information is available online

Pictured: Wolf Trap Opera Company's featured cast of Rossini's Il Viaggio a Reims 
Left column from top: 
Kiri Deonarine, Ryan Speedo Green, Andrea Carroll, Steven LaBrie, Brandon Cedel 
Right column from top: 
Juan José de León, Maya Lahyani, Aaron Sorensen, Ying Fang, Brenton Ryan


  1. So, er, is the takeaway point the probability of seeing exciting singers on the rise, or the probability of seeing lots of good-looking people? :)

    1. Yes. Mostly the former. The later is a bonus!


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