Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Opera From Sweden – Reimann's Lear: On-Demand Audio for a Week

Rickard Söderberg, Fredrik Zetterström och Karolina Andersson.
Foto: Janne Wieslander/Sveriges Radio
On April 27, 2013 the Malmö Opera gave the Swedish premiere performance of Aribert Reimann’s Lear, which had its world premiere in 1978. Here is a set of brief video excerpts. Below that is the full audio stream, which is available from Sveriges Radio for only seven more days. Apparently you can also download the audio if you are of a mind to download from file-sharing sites.

Lear - Fredrik Zetterstrom 
King of France - Bengt Krantz 
Duke of Albany - Daniel Hällström 

Duke of Cornwall - Rickard Söderberg 

Count of Kent - Stefan Dahlberg 
Count of Gloster - Lars Arvidson 
Edgar - Matthew Shaw 
Edmund - Christian Juslin 
Goneril - AnnLouice Lögdlund 
Regan - Karolina Andersson 
Cordelia - Elsebeth Dreisig 
Fool - Lars Humble 
Servant - Xhelal Bakraqi 
Knight - Max Schöning 
Malmö Opera Chorus and Orchestra. 

Conductor: Erik Nielsen
 Director: Stefan Johansson

Also available for a limited time from Sveriges Radio
Peter Grimes from The Royal Opera, Stockholm
The Barber of Seville from The Göthenborg Opera

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