Thursday, May 9, 2013

Joyce DiDonato Answers Sixth-Graders' Questions about Opera

Our Yankee Diva answers questions from a class of sixth-graders who are learning about opera. 

Watch this video to fall in love all over again with Joyce DiDontao. Who's afraid of opera? Not me!

In other JDD news, she has been dropping hints about a new project. Last week on her Facebook page, she wrote:
I'm about to come out of this semi-hibernation of the last weeks ... I hope you're ready! Watch this space in the coming weeks for the start of a new project where I will be imploring you for help. This could be epic, and will give me a chance to shine the spotlight on YOU, for a change. Get your imaginations ignited and watch this space ... this is going to be fun!!


  1. Joyce is an amazing human being, I absolutely adore her. this is the second or third time she takes questions from kids in her videos. Did you hear about her new project "Joyce and Me", it's quite fantastic!
    By the way, Joyce took this picture you used in this post here in Brasil :)

    1. That's cool, I did not know that picture was in Brasil. I just chose it cause she looked so much like a regular tourist.

      I don't know anything yet about the Joyce and Me project.


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