Friday, May 3, 2013

Gratuitous Friday – The Dutchman, The Girl, and The Gown

In Act 2 of Der Fliegende Höllander, Senta (Anja Kampe) finally meets her Dutchman (Johan Reuter). She seems more interested in the dress than she is in him. With that voice, I'd be paying attention to him! Of course, we know Senta is really more interested in the idea of the Dutchman than she is in the man himself. 

This clip is from the recent webcast of the Bayerische Staatsoper production. Act 2 takes place in a gym—spinning, get it? These girls don’t need to be good at making thread to catch a husband. They need to be in shape! Meanwhile, Ms. Kampe and Mr. Reuter would sound just as great in a gym, in a barn, or on a bare stage!

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