Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Riding the Magic Flute Bandwagon – Q&A with Mr. Branagh

Well, even though there are no showings of this film within 250 miles of my home, I still want to get in on the Branagh Magic Flute boom. There was a version on YouTube for a while. There is a different one now, a video for each act with Russian (?) subtitles (links below.) It seems we also can watch it via YouTube's new PPV setup. They say it's priced "From $3.99" That version probably looks and sounds better.

But maybe best of all (for now, anyway, till the U.S. DVD comes out), Kenneth Branagh recently fielded questions in conjunction with the U.S. screenings. This Q&A session is available on the Emerging Pictures website.

Meanwhile, here's the official trailer:



  1. Wow, the DVD came out in 2008 this side of the bond... Or is this a different version or something?

  2. amazon.ca has the DVD for something like $8

    1. All I can find on amazon.com is Region 2 copies. Apparently no one thought it would be of interest in the U.S. WRONG!!!!

  3. You can get it here:


    Mysteriously the price has tripled in the last two days.


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